Isthmian Update

Good advice does not come cheap
The managers of the Panama Savings Fund (FAP) will be rewarded handsomely. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Frank De Lima has stated that each of the seven Board members will be paid $2,000 for attending meetings. These appointees will decide how to manage the country’s savings, which come mainly from the Panama Canal. The directors of the FAP will be better paid, for example, that the Panama Canal Authority Board members who earn $500 per session, the Panama Maritime Authority, ($700) and Tocumen, S.A., ($1,000).

Petrol prices up
Just as throngs of Panamanians were taking off to celebrate the Carnival, petroleum products recorded an increase in prices. A gallon of 95 octane gasoline increased by 16 cents a gallon to $4.32, 91 octane rose by 12 cents to $3.96, while diesel rose by eight cents to a new price of $3.93.

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