Jill’s road rules

It’s summertime again in Panama!  The mercury’s rising higher.  Kids are on vacation.  City traffic is a bit easier, because moms are sleeping in. And weekends? Everybody heads for the beach.
If you’ve lived in Panama for any amount of time, you’ve probably got a few tales to tell about your own experiences of driving on the PanAmerican Highway. Maybe you’re new to town, and have yet to venture toward the interior. Either way, good news! I’ve outlined a few road rules below that – if followed – could bring some sanity to the beach drive.
It’s usually those that think they own the road that need the most reminders.  So, listen up…
Chatty Cathy, hang up the phone. Does your friend that’s just ten minutes behind you really need to know exactly where you are?  And don’t even make me mention texting, please. Put down the phone and drive.
Mario Andretti, stay left.  And by that, I mean all the way left. Especially where the lane markings are undefined on the autopista through Chorrera. There’s no reason to pass on the right, even when you can get away with it.  It’s rude and unnecessary.
Slowpoke, you know who you are. Keep your car right. You’re welcome to drive as slow as you like, but the right side of the road is where you really should be.
Speedy González, when construction zones narrow traffic down to a lane or two, and the traffic gets backed up, please just stay in your lane. Zooming around a total of four cars is not really going to get you there any faster.  By the time you try to force your way in on me, you’ll find I’m not going to be very accommodating.
Safety (and sanity) on the road starts with you and me. If we expect others to behave on the road, let’s set the example! Perhaps it’d make the beach drive less like a video game and more like a cruise. The reason to go to the beach is to relax, right?

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