“The School for Wives” by Moliére at The Theater Guild

School for Wives at The Guild Racy 17th Century comedy

The piquant comedy “The School for Wives,” written by the seventeenth century French playwright Moliére and considered by some critics to be one of his finest achievements, will be shown at The Theater Guild of Ancón from Thursday, February 28 (opening night) and on Friday, March 1, Saturday 2, Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9. The show starts at 8:00 p.m.
The play, considered scandalous when it was performed for the first time in the XVII century, is about a gossipy, ego-maniacal and wealthy man named Arnolphe with only one goal in life: never to suffer the disgrace of a cheating wife. And for this he has a foolproof plan: to marry a girl he has raised to be as ignorant as possible.
But when he finds out that a young man has been sneaking into his woman’s room, he unravels a series of secrets that reveal his plan is not as perfect as he thinks.
Come see this modern adaptation of Moliere’s acclaimed comedy, in which he deals brilliantly with themes of love, infidelity and a hilariously misplaced sense of the role of women in marriage.
The cast includes: Amit Nathani, HB Twohy, Felipe Echandi, Kari King, Davis Walden, Jose Mezquita, Daniel Heinrichs and Steve Barnett. It is directed by Mingthoy Sanjur and produced by Simon Tejeira.
For more information about times and prices visit www.anconguild.com or call 212-0060.


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