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Plaza Herrera in casco Antiguo

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Plaza Herrera in casco Antiguo

Lovers will gaze at the stars from the old Casa Boyd.

The dawn of a new day for the Old Quarter is forthcoming. A major infrastructure effort is underway in the capital’s historic district. New bricks are being laid in the streets of cobblestone. Below ground, new pipes are being laid too. Block by block, works proceed nearly ‘round the clock. Renaissance is nigh.

Room for 1,000

New venues are opening frequently. Several major projects are in the loop. At the top of the list is the American Trade Hotel on Plaza Herrera. Considered to be the city’s first skyscraper, it will offer a vast event space that promotors report should fit up to nearly 1,000 guests. This addition to the neighborhood will be a turning point for bookings in the area, especially weddings as the romanticism of the old neighborhood has been rekindled during the last decade.

Parking, too

The government is building a 100 car garage behind Plaza Herrera where the government is building a parking lot. There will be 100 new parking spaces. The renovations to the streets in Casco Antiguo will finish in the coming months.

Honeymoon suites

Another project on Plaza Herrera is the Hotel Casco Viejo located in the former Casa Boyd. In addition to an underground wine cellar, an ornately decorated restaurant and details that will transport guests back in time, the glass rooftops of the top floor suites will provide lovers a chance to gaze up at the stars from the comfort of their beds.


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