Electrifying hit at Theatre Guild

MingThoy Sanjur

Photos courtesy Elena Nathani.
MingThoy Sanjur

MingThoy Sanjur.

The Theatre Guild of Ancón has done a terrific job of kicking off its 2013 playlist with the play “The School for Wives” by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, best known by his stage name Molière. Veteran actor of the stage in English and Spanish, Amit Nathani, has delivered a piquing performance as a 17th century Frenchman who thought he had found a loophole for love.

Amit Nathani

Amit Nathani.

His prize, a beautiful lady, played by MingThoy Sanjur, delivered him a curve ball which drove him into frenzied rage again and again. Audiences were delighted. In addition to playing his betrothed, she also adapted and directed the play.

Kari King

Kari King.

Kari King, the technical equipment coordinator and music teacher at Panama Pacific Academy glowed in her role as a married housekeeper whose husband is “simpatico” to her carnal desires with other men. An effervescent actress, Kari’s Cleopatra wig was key to getting into a successfully sultry character. Another standout performance was delivered by Joe Mezquita, who played legal council to Amit’s character.

For more information on the Theatre, visit AnconGuild.com.


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