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Education, education, education

Dear Editor,
Dear Sir,

I am a permanent tourist in the Republic of Panama for over four years. I selected Boquete because of the weather and cost of living. I selected the Republic of Panama because of the Canal which guarantees political stability.
Panama could become the Singapore of this hemisphere. When Mr. Lee became the leader of Singapore after the Second World War he elected to have English as the official language. Singapore had a large number of different languages. President Lee knew that the English language would be the international language of business, navigation, diplomacy and the most important– science and higher education. Singapore has location and education and the universal language of English.
The Singapore math system is used with great success worldwide. My grandson has been in the very best private schools in  St. Louis, MO USA. Since kindergarden he was not getting the math. I read about the Singapore math project with immigrant students in San Diego, CA USA, which was a tremendous success. My grandson went from the bottom of his school to the top of the math class. He scored in the 98th percentile in national testing. Panama is very low in math and science on the world testing being third from the bottom of all the nations tested – this is a national disgrace.
If the Republic of Panama wants to be another Singapore, I suggest it takes the advice of the Prime Minister of Finland who was asked “How did Finland go from a farming economy to a world class high tech economy?” she answered education, education, education.
Bill Gates has funded a free math and science internet program called “The Khan Acadamy” that allows any curious person to study math and science at their own speed. The Khan Acadamy is in English, Spanish, French and German. The program is from kindergarten to 12th grade for free.


H. Mavel Kershman

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