Bon appetit for Restaurant Week

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visitor19-16_Page_20_Image_0003Panama’s culinary offer is continuously growing. Panama Restaurant Week offers a great opportunity to try new places. Until Tuesday, April 30, the 25 participating restaurants in Panama City offer a three-course menu at a special price accompanied by drink specials.

The menu, which can be ordered over lunch or dinner costs $15 – $30. Each menu includes an appetizer, main course and dessert with several options for each plate. Included is a free glass of either red or white Morandé wine and a Canada Dry Ginger Ale. Pay for a 350ml bottle of Perrier sparkling water and get a 750 ml bottle instead.

Following the example of New York, Chicago, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Aruba, India and others, the Panama Restaurant week promotes fine dining in Panama. Each year, the event has grown more popular and has helped to consolidate Panama’s reputation as a gourmet destination.

The menu specials offered by the participating restaurants can be found on the official event website


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    Thanks for the information..its great to know about the Panama Restaurant week promoting fine dining in Panama!! i hope it grows popular even more..good luck!!

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