Events throughout the year

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Country Fairs

Most of Panama´s country fairs take place in the dry season ( March) Like country fairs everywhere they include livestock and agricultural exhibits, rides for children, typical food and typical dancing, but each one has its own flavor. TJan 12: One Thousand Polleras Parade in Las Tablas.

Jan 25-Feb 3: La Candelaria in Bugaba, Chiriquí province

Jan 26-27 Festival of the Sea in Taboga.

March 14-24: David International Fair, Chiriqui province

April 25-May 5: Azuero International Fair, Azuero province

Sept 11-15: International Fair of the Sea, Bocas del Toro province


Festivals, for a patron saint or with a religious theme offer parades and floats and many of the elements of the country fairs.

January 25-Feb 3: Feria de la Candelaria, Chiriquí, is celebrated in many areas of Chiriqui, the most famous being in Bugaba where hundreds of horsemen converge from the countryside and cavalcade through the town

March 2: Diablos & Congos Festival in Portobelo.

May 30 – June 2: Festival de Corpus Christi, celebrated 40 days after Easter and best seen in Villa de Los Santos with its famous dances of the Diablicos Sucios (Dirty Devils).

July-18-21: Fiesta de Santa Librada, the patron saint of Los Santos. The celebration begins in Las Tablas with a lavishly decorated float bearing the likeness of the saint through the town.

Aug 15-18: Festival Nacional del Manito In Ocu is a traditional celebration of country life with typical music and dances, including a genuine traditional country wedding.

September: Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guarare, Los Santos is a celebration of the spirit of all the traditions of Panama. It coincides with the patron saint festivities of “Virgen de Las Mercedes”. The Parade of the Carriages is the most spectacular.

Oct: Festival del Torito Guapo, Anton Cocle is a Spanish colonial tradition featuring men of the town, dressed in bull costume, who chase passers-by down the streets. The five day typical country celebration offers “tipico” dance groups, music contests, bullfights and even “mojaderas”, where revelers cool off by dancing under a stream of water. The festival also celebrates agricultural activities like coconut peeling, cow milking, and carrying “leña” (firewood).

October 21: Black Christ Festival Portobelo. Thousands of pilgrims dressed in purple robes converge on Portobelo to give thanks to the Black Christ for favors granted or to ask for future miracles. The statue of Christ is borne round the town in carnival atmosphere, three steps forward, one step back.

Flower Fairs

Jan 10-20: Boquete Flower & Coffee Fair, Chiriquí province. Takes place on the banks of the Caldera River. The gounds are laid out in a colorful display of flowers which grow in the cool Highlands of Chiriqui and are therefore a rarity in the rest of Panama.

March 29 -April 7: Boquete Orchid Fair, Chiriqui province. Panama is famous for its orchid species and this is a good place to admire and buy.

Special Events

January 14-19: Jazz Festival is an annual event with Jazz concerts held all over Panama City, especially in the Casco Viejo area. It has become an important event in Jazz circles and attracts many stars from the world of Jazz.

February 9-12: Carnival is the pre-Lenten celebration which takes place each year 40 days before Easter. It is held all over the country but the most famous one is in Las Tablas

February 9-12: Afro-Antillana Festival is held each year in Panama City as a celebration of the African and West Indian influence on Panama.

Feb. 28 – March 3: Jazz & Blues Festival in Boquete

March 22-24: Cayuco Race. Canoes race from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean through the Panama Canal

April 11-17: Panama International Film Festival

May: President of the Republic Classic. One of the biggest racing events of the year at the President Remon Racetrack

Dec: Christmas Parade. Colorful floats celebrate the festive season.


April 17-20: Expocomer. A yearly business exposition which draws commerce from all over the world

May 9-12: Expo Vivienda brings together building projects, buyers and financiers each year.

Sep 11-15: CAPAC: Construction and housing fair.

Sep 20-21: Tourism Expo

Oct. 24-25: Expo Logistico is an exposition growing in importance each year as Panama becomes a logistics hub for the Americas.