Falkland Islanders emphasize sovereignty on Panama City visit

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The British Embassy of Panama received a delegation representing the Falkland Islands at the Ambassador’s residence last week. Legislative Assembly member, The Honourable Dr. Barry Elsby, and delegation aide, the young Islander, Ms. Krysteen Ormond, made a Panama City stop along their Latin American tour to share important news about the sovereignty of their nation, a South Atlantic British island territory.

The sovereignty of this island archipelago nation some 400 kilometers from the coast of South America has historically been a problem for Argentina, which invaded the islands in 1982. With the help of British forces, the island was liberated from the aggressor nation’s forced occupation and claim to the islands which throughout the centuries have been British.

On March 10 and 11 this year, the Falkland Islands government held a referendum vote in which its citizens (circa 3,000) registered a 99.8% vote in favor of maintaining its political status as a self-governing British territory. The UN backs up the decision.

“To be a Falkland Islander is to be British,” said Ms. Krysteen Ormond, “but we are here to ensure that the world knows that this is by choice. We make our own decisions.” Ms. Ormond took the opportunity to share the news of a recent discovery on the Falkland Islands: petroleum. Production is expected to begin in 2017.

According to Fox News Latino, the legacy of late Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady,” of British politics and three times elected Prime Minister who passed away aged 87 on April 8, was “partly hinged” on the Falkland Islands War. She made the decision to send a British task force 8000 miles to liberate the Falkland Islands.

A book of condolences is open at the British Embassy to all who wish to pay tribute to her.


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