Movies to celebrate Israel’s independence

Movie lovers are spoiled for choice during the month of April. First was the Panama International Film Festival IFF and now the Embassy of Israel is sponsoring the screening of the best four Israeli films made recently, to celebrate the independence of its country. The Israeli Film Festival will take place in the Cinepolis Multiplaza, Punta Pacifica, from Monday 22 to Thursday April 25.

The movies to be screened are: “Matchmaker” (El Casamentero); “Little Heroes” (Pequeños Heroes); “Tel Aviv Salsa” (Salsa Tel Aviv) and “Five hours from Paris” (A cinco horas de París). The tickets cost $3.50 and movies will be shown at 8:30 p.m. on Monday 22 and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The films are in Hebrew with Spanish subtitles.

“Matchmaker” is about a teenage boy who gets a summer job in the Haifa of 1968 with a Holocaust survivor who makes ends meet by brokering marriages and smuggling goods.

“Little Heroes” won the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Israel. It is an exciting adventure story in which four children embark on a courageous journey together into the Negev desert.

“Salsa Tel Aviv” is a romantic comedy about Vicky (Angelica Vale) who travels to Israel dressed as a nun to find her estranged husband, who is an illegal salsa dancing teacher in Tel Aviv.

“Five hours from Paris” tells the story of Yigal a taxi driver with a burning desire to visit Paris, yet his fear of flying stands in the way of him booking a 5-hour flight from Tel Aviv. He then forms a deep emotional bond with a married Russian immigrant, Lina, who plans to immigrate to Canada.

Over the last decades Israeli filmmakers have captured the attention of the audience at the most important film festivals. In 2008, the movie “Bufor” won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Festival and “Footnote” was nominated for the Oscar as the best foreign film in 2012.

This sampling of Israelis films in Panama shows the Israeli cinema at its best and cannot be missed. For more information call the Israeli Embassy 208-4700.