Sugar cane festival in Aguadulce

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Seamlessly the Queen is a sweet as sugar cane.

Seamlessly the Queen is a sweet as sugar cane.

Sugar cane and its production is interwoven in Panama´s culture and traditions. The fair which celebrates sugar cane, cane juice and its traditions El Festival de la Caña de Azúcar, el Guarapo y sus Tradiciones will take place from Friday 19 to Sunday April 21 in el Roble de Aguadulce, Coclé province.

One of the principal attractions is the parade of carts pulled by oxens, in which this year Queen‘s Jhanssumary Pino and her princeses dressed in traditional “polleras” will wave to their subjects in a remarkable spectacle that is throwback from the past.

Visitors to the festival will have the opportunity to learn about the process the sugar cane goes through to prepare a unique Panamanian drink “guarapo” (sugar cane juice) that is the prime ingredient for rum and seco. Folk dances, handicraft exhibitions and typical food and drinks, will also be enjoyed.

The festival is a great place to gain a real understanding of the Spanish and indigenous culture that blends seamlessy in this part of Panama.



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