The Turks come back for more

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Since the first Survivor series for the US edition was filmed in 2003, the Pearl Islands have been selected as the location for Survivor shows for numerous other countries including Ukraine, Israel and Turkey.
Now the Turks are back for a third edition. Eight Turkish starlets and eight volunteers are struggling to survive on the remote island of the archipelago. They form two teams competing against each other on separate islands, Mago Island and Chapera Island, and the losers have to leave. When only four players are left on each team, the teams will merge. The public will have the final word in selecting the winner.
According to Rodrigo Celis, the local producer for the Turkish Survivor series, $3 million are invested in the filming of this reality show. A crew of 130 people has come from abroad and another 120 locals are involved in the production. The first filming was on Wednesday, March 13 and closing will be on Saturday, June 15. Although the islands are not accessible for the public during the filming, one can catch a glance of the games while passing the islands on a boat or ferry. For videos of the current edition and more information, in Turkish, visit the official website:

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