Addiction treatment in Chiriqui

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A lovely place to find peace.

A lovely place to find peace.

Addiction is a terrible illness. Recovery can be painful and difficult for the person suffering and for their loved ones. A new option for treatment of alcohol and drug dependency is now available in Panama. The Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, in the westernmost province of Chiriqui, offers a place for men and women seeking help with all forms of substance abuse.

A holistic approach is taken, based on the Hazeldem Minnesota Model of Recovery, which asks the patient to behave responsibly, attend lectures on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, talk with the other patients, make his or her bed and stay sober.

The clinic has capacity for eight clients at a time. The center is located in a quiet and secluded location. Treatment durations are personalized according to the individual needs and goals. The clinic recommends a minimum of 28 days in order to fully engage in the process.

A spa and yoga center are on site as well as a gym, pool and saunas. Relaxation therapies include massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and lymphatic drains. Beauty treatments are also avaialable. For more information about the Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete write to or call 800-919-8023 / 786-245-4067 (from the U.S.)/ local: 6839-0569.


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  1. Kevin Reilly said:

    I know this place. I know these people. I know this disease. And this is an EXCELLENT OPTION for anyone seeking recovery !

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