Chiriqui Highlands as a convention destination

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Chiriquí’s majestic Barú Volcano is the highest peak in Panama.

Chiriquí’s majestic Barú Volcano is the highest peak in Panama.

The province of Chiriqui is Panama’s most western province, bordering Costa Rica.  It is a province of contrasts with a long coastline, dominated by the majestic mountains of the Cordillera.

David is the capital of the province, situated on the coastal plain.  It makes a good central point for visiting places of interest

For beaches, la Barqueta beach lies approximately 20 minutes to the west of David. About 40 minutes to the east of the city is an area known as Boca Chica where several small hotels and fishing resorts have developed (turn off the  PanAmerican highway to Horconcitos).  Las Lajas beach, where there is a hotel and cabins, lies about an hour to the east of David.

For sports fishermen the gulf of Chiriqui offers many challenges, especially round the Island of Coiba.  Fishing charter companies operate out of Puerto Pedregal and Boca Chica.

No visitor will want to miss the grandeur of the highlands of Chiriqui. The town of Boquete, on one side of the dormant volcano, Volcan Baru,  and the small towns of Volcan, Cerro Punta and Guadalupe on the other, are the centers for tourism here.

Boquete lies about 30 minutes from David.  It has a wide range of lodgings and excellent restaurants.  Hiking, bird watching, horseback riding, river rafting, hot springs, zip lining, visits to coffee plantations, a spa and golfing are among the pursuits on offer.

The towns on the other side of the mountain, Volcan,  Cerro Punta and Guadalupe are smaller than Boquete but for many that will be part of their charm.  This area is where much of Panama’s vegetables are grown in the rich, volcanic soil. There are two horse farms ( haras in Spanish), famous for the race horses they breed.

Hiking, birdwatching, hot springs, horseback riding, river rafting are on offer here too.  There is also the renowned Dracula Orchid Farm.


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