Authorities stop missile shipment

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President Ricardo Martinelli posted a photo to his Twitter account on Monday night this week that started the shockwaves of a disturbing news story that would make its way around the world by the following morning. Panamanian authorities were tipped off to a shipment of sugar that turned out to be less than sweet aboard the Chong Chon Gang cargo ship. During a check for drugs at the Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) in Colón, two missiles were discovered in a container shipped from Cuba to North Korea.

The president was quickly on board to inspect the weapons first hand. He described them as sophisticated weapons for defense or anti-aircraft. He confirmed that the search took place thanks to Panamanian intelligence.

The Cuban government reported Tuesday that it had shipped the 240 metric tons of “obsolete” weaponry to be repaired and shipped back to the island.

As the ship was boarded Monday, the 35 member crew rioted and the captain reportedly tried to take his own life. The crew of 35 aboard has been detained.


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