A tourism guide on your Iphone or Android

This post is also available in: Spanish

Google has decided to put Panama on the cyberspace map with a new tourism application called Panamainfo Travel Guide, which will be available for smart phones and tablets. It was launched last week and can be accessed by visiting panamainfo.com.

This information works with the Apple system and can also be downloaded in Android equipment for $5.99. The cybernauts can find in-depth information about the 15 most popular destinations in Panama through 350 search results.

It also has the option to choose what destination to visit, how to get there, accommodation, prices, as well as the services and activities on offer. It has general information that could be very useful for visitors.

This project is part of the updating program of Google Maps and will help travelers to organize their agenda. The information about traffic, restaurants, hotels and places to have fun is current.


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