Film contest winners receive their grants

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Film Contest_optThe budding Panamanian film industry is taking a great step forward thanks to an initiative by the Government of Panama through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI), which created a competition to promote the production of documentaries, films, and support for project development and for post product projects. This year 52 projects participated in the competition.

The MICI has granted a total of $2.2 million for the production of the 12 film projects that won in the different categories of the Film Fund Contest (Concurso Fondo Cine). Winners were announced last May during the Panama International Film Festival.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry, Ricardo Quijano said that his entity continues driving the film industry forward. Meanwhile, Arianne Benedetti, National Director of the Film Commission under the MICI stated that the film contest is the first step Panamanian producers are taking to create the next breakthrough project that could come out of Panama.

The winners were:


Sultan –

Enrique Castro $700,000

Salsipuedes –

Ricardo Aguiñar


La Última Sonrisa –

Fariba Hwkins $550,000


¿Dónde estabas tú? –

Abner Benaim

A la deriva –

Miguel González

Diarios del Canal –

Delfina Vidal

Development of Project:

La Pareja –

Irina Caballero

Soñar con la ciudad –

Mariel García Spooner

Buscando a Bejuco –

Martín Proaño

Post-Production Project:

La Ruta – Pituka Ortega

Rompiendo la Ola –

Annie Caravaggio

La estación seca –

José Canto



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