Isthmian Update Some of the news in Panama

Teachers on strike,pressure on Minister

It has been over 20 days since the beginning of a strike by various teachers’ unions, who demand that the Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, sign an agreement. Teachers reported having initiated an indefinite strike until Minister Molinar accedes to their requests. The Minister said the agreement that teachers want her to sign promotes things that cannot be done, such as as removing Provel (appointments on line), and reinstating teachers who were dismissed for committing crimes, among other things.

ADB loans for tourism in 2014

Next year it is expected that the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) will disburse loans to owners of duly certified agro-tourism farms in the country. Rigoberto Amaya, BDA general manager, explained that there have been advances in the project that is run by the bank, the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) and the Multiple Services Cooperative Farm in Panama (Coosmatur), to provide financial support for agro-tourism farm owners in order to boost their activity.

Lack of government communication channels

– Henriquez

The Minister of the Presidency, Roberto Henriquez, said that the Government has made great changes to benefit the country. However, they have not been very effective in the dissemination of information on these actions. Henriquez confessed that although the Government has developed major projects and works that have enhanced the quality of life of Panamanians, they have not been effective in the dissemination and communication of strategies to make them known.

Cheap tickets from Spain

The Spanish airline Iberia announced a promotion called “Last Minute of August” on flights from Madrid to Panama, at a cost of $345. Other Latin American destinations also apply.

Expo Logistica in September

The seventh annual version of Panama Expo Logistica will take place at the ATLAPA Convention Center from Thursday, September 19 until Saturday, September 21. This event is one of the biggest logistic fairs in the region and it is expected that more than 150 national and international exhibitors will take part. Expo Logistica is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Panama in conjunction with the National Secretariat of Science and Technology (SENACYT).

San Francisco possibilities

A new look is being given to a Panama City development plan from a few years back. Near the ATLAPA Convention Center, the beach area in front of San Francisco is being considered for a 40-hectare fill that would be twice the size of Punta Pacifica, another manmade oceanfront peninsula.

Growth means greater energy demand

At the rate the country is growing so does the demand for energy, which is between 764.026 and 1,014.22 megawatts per day, according to figures from the National Dispatch Center. Although Panama’s demand is high compared to other countries in Central America, the country does not have the power transmission capacity that is required for the growth being experienced. Panama has a transmission capacity of 600 MW, but requires 1000 MW said Victor Urrutia, former administrator of the Public Services Authority of Panama (ASEP).

Ethanol should not affect gas prices

A Professor of Physics at the University of Panama, Eduardo Flores, said that the 5% of ethanol to be mixed with 95 and 91 octane gasoline should not affect consumer prices. “It should lower the price and not raise it as authorities announced. The purpose of using ethanol is to not depend entirely on oil,” he said.

Food security funds

An amount of $1.2 million will go to Panama to strengthen productive sectors such as coffee and milk. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) where three projects will be strengthened in order to increase food security in the country.


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