My name is Mantarraya

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mantarraya_optLocated near the town of Farallón (between Santa Clara and Rio Hato) you will find the huge Royal Decameron Resort and Villas offering golf at the Decameron Golf Club called Mantaraya.

Opened since 2005 this was the second golf course to open in Panama’s popular Pacific beach area. A full, challenging 18-hole course winds its way through the extensive privately owned villas. Open to the public, one finds golfers from Royal Decameron’s all-inclusive hotel, members from villa owners and golfers who just pay daily green fees.

Decameron DOS (usa amb_optAn interesting feature of this course are two holes (1 and 10) which present golfers with big trees right in the middle of the fairway. Another demanding experience is a stretch of four holes (13 through 16) that are especially difficult because of their length.

As with most of the courses along this stretch of Panama’s Pacific beach, dry season trade winds and drier ground demands a different and more exacting type of golf than rainy season.

Contact:; (507) 993-2255.


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