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Panama’s Internet penetration perfect for online business

Marc Vidal is a fan of Panama, his hub for the Americas.

Marc Vidal is a fan of Panama, his hub for the Americas.

Spanish social media expert and accomplished online merchant, Marc Vidal, told The Visitor that Panama’s Internet penetration is at the top of his list of reasons why the country has become his “hub in the Americas.” Currently in preparations for the launch of his new web portal, he points out that in Panama, registered cellular phone account figures are beyond double the population – a uniquely high figure in the region.

Based on 2010 figures, there are 184.7 cell phone accounts per 100 persons. Other projections take into account the 3.3 million census population figure combined with the steep figure of 7.3 million registered cellphone lines according to the National Public Services Authority (ASEP). is an online portal that allows users to customize their own online retail outlet, and consumer connectivity is a vital part of Vidal’s new business. Although Panama is small, it is considered a key market for those who seek regional success with online ventures.

Regionally, Internet penetration in Latin America has grown to 231 million people connected to the world wide web in 2012, according to a study by Tendencias Digitales. In the study, Panama placed 7th of the Latin American block with a penetration of 43%.

The parent company of, Idodi, is dependent on Internet penetration as key to its success in the region. By offering a ‘pre-fabricated’ platform, all that is required is for users who wish to sell to be on the internet in order to select the designs and be ‘live’ in a matter of minutes. Security and payment gateways are also incorporated and ready to use.

Vidal’s other Internet companies include, a site to promote and sell tickets online and to create and send your own newsletters.

Panama, according to representatives of the smartphone company BlackBerry, is a market trend leader for smartphone technology in the region.

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