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German chef offers fusion and flavor in food for events

Chef Hubert Geib shows one of his delicious creations.

Chef Hubert Geib shows one of his delicious creations.

Chef Hubert Geib of the catering company, Sabores y Eventos, is truly in love with cooking. He has worked all over the world, including countries as diverse as his home country of Germany and in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Mexico. With over 30 years of experience in the culinary world, he decided to move to Panama, a country he professes to enjoy for being as international as himself.

His company, Sabores y Events, (meaning Flavors and Events) offers a fusion between Panamanian, German and Mexican food. This diverse mixture might sound odd, but the chef can certainly stand his ground within all these different styles and has organized events to prove it such as the Wine Festival and Oktoberfest and has won first price in the Paella Festival. Mmmm!

The catering company has relationships with local and international clients. Christmas dinners, weddings, corporate events, or small events can be managed by Sabores y Eventos. The organization of events and equipment rental for parties or reunions are also part of the services offered. The to-go menu is perfect for those who wish to impress in a dinner party.

Sabores y Eventos

Located on Calle 68 east PH, 2 in the San Francisco district.

Contact: 398-4115 or


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