Traditional music only at La Mejorana Festival

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The Festival de la Mejorana, to be celebrated in Guararé, Los Santos province from Monday, September 23 to Sunday, September 29 can be considered one of the most unique and traditional festivals in all the land. Throughout Panama, traveling discotheques have become the musical powerhouses of many of the country fairs, blasting modern raggaeton music through what were once truly authentic celebrations. But not in Guararé.

The ‘mejorana’ is a small Panamanian guitar and the focal point of this festival, where typical singing is also enjoyed. Musical competitions include ‘tambores’ (drums), violin, accordions and the ‘mejorana’ guitar. Other music is banned from the town during the festival.

Professor Manuel F. Zárate and his friends, the founders of the event, intended that the festival should be only about tradition and folklore and 62 years later it still is, a fact that makes the ‘Guarareños’ very proud.

At this year’s Mejorana Festival queen Alexandra M. Vargas will have the honor of being crowned the 62nd queen of the event and will share the spotlight with the town’s patron saint La Virgin de las Mercedes, celebrating her 100th year arrival anniversary.

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