Winner of Super Chef will become culinary ambassador

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Young people have the opportunity to be schooled by talented masters of the kitchen.

Young people have the opportunity to be schooled by talented masters of the kitchen.

Panama Super Chef 2013 offers an opportunity to watch the future masters of the kitchen compete in an event organized by Panama Restaurant Association, the Chamber of Tourism of Panama, the Embassy of the United States and Telemetro.

Young Panamanians, between 18 and 26 are currently participating to fulfill their dream of becoming a professional chef. Economic reasons are no longer a concern as these participants can now get a culinary career.

Award dinners

Winners of the competitions will be announced at award dinners the following Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. They take place at Il Grillo on September 11, La Trona on September 18 and Restaurante Tinajas on September 25.

Some 21 participants have been selected from around the country. They are taking part in five competitions Saturdays at the Panama International Hotel School in the City of Knowledge through the final on Saturday, September 28. Competitions are open for general viewing without cost. The action is broadcast every Tuesday on Telemetro, channel 13 at 10:00 a.m.

In the grand finale the winner of Super Chef Panama 2013 will be selected from a group of five finalists. Some 18 sponsors and five restaurants will judge the final round.

Ambassador in the making

The winner will travel to New Orleans as a tourism and culinary ambassador to exchange techniques and promote Panama’s tourism and gastronomy. He or she will also receive a scholarship in culinary arts from the Panama International Hotel School.

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