Chiropractic – a solution for pain that begins with attending the nervous system through optimal spine care

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visitor19-41_Página_40_Imagen_0006The science of chiropractic medicine, according to Joseph Busch, D.C., is based around the optimal function of the spine, and nervous system. When the spine permits the nervous system to communicate optimally, he says, the body as a whole performs better.

A graduate of the International School of Panama (ISP), Indiana University, and the National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Busch has been licensed and operating in Panama for more than two years.

Most first-time patients arrive at the reception of Clinica Busch Chiropractic, in Panama with an immediate discomfort. Following an extensive initial examination during which he analyzes the appropriate course of treatment to recommend, Dr. Busch will create a plan to attend the root cause of symptoms including pain, stiffness, disc generation and headaches.

Chiropractic adjustments are supplemented with other care to enforce good habits that will provide patients with a long term benefit as they age. These include breathing techniques, exercise, diet and physical therapy modalities.

Treatment plans vary for each patient, but a typical treatment program for someone with moderate pain and an identifiable condition to correct could start with a ten-visit schedule, at a cost of around $500.

Educating professionals

Dr. Busch is also editorial director of The American Chiropractor magazine, a publication distributed to chiropractors throughout North America. His practice and magazine have hosted up to 150 Doctors of Chiropractic for educational conferences in Panama.

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