Isthmian Update Some of the news in Panama

Copa’s tech platform failure affects 10,000 passengers

Copa Airlines reported that the failure of its technology platform, which affected more than 10,000 passengers over the weekend, was generated due to damage to one of it’s internal computer systems related to the flight crew. Normalcy at the airline was achieved earlier this week.

Dengue up

The Ministry of Health reported an increase in cases of dengue. It reported that in the month of October 1,255 cases of dengue have been found, while 741 suspected cases are being analyzed. No deaths have been reported.

Not to privatize Cold Chain

The Cold Chain secretary, Fernando Duque, said the government has no intention to privatize the project. Duque explained that the company law creating the Cold Chain S.A. states that the share issue will be 100 % of the State and will be held by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), and also a special fund will be established to operate and function, with no need to capitalize for the next five years.

Operation Christmas Without Smuggling

As December approaches, the Customs Authority announced the start of “Operation Christmas Without Smuggling,” which aims to prevent counterfeit goods or contraband from entering the country. Last year, according to statistics from the institution, in the operation it retained goods with a CIF (cost, insurance and freight) value amounting to over one million dollars. This year, from January to September, the figure was upwards of five million.

Mite in the rice

The outbreak of the Spinky mite in rice plantations in the province of Chiriqui has generated tension in the productive sector of the country. Farmers revealed yesterday that 30% of the plantations are affected by the plague, considered one of the most hazardous in the world.

Cost effective capital city

Panama City was recognized by IDF Magazine among the top 10 best cities for cost-effectiveness, as well as the top 10 American cities of the future, at the Annual Meeting of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), held in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Miroslava Vilar, national director of Investment Promotion, emphasized interest in continuing the promotional events of the country and its laws of incentives to attract more investment and make it known as the ideal place for investment.

Presidential candidates to meet in Azuero over agriculture sector

The development of the agricultural sector will be the focus of the debate between the presidential candidates on Saturday at the Azuero Fair. The Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE) and the College of Agricultural Engineering of Panama (CINAP) hope to achieve a consensus among the candidates for the Agricultural Forum, which will take place this Saturday at the Feria de Azuero, about the future of agriculture.

State budget for fiscal 2014

President Ricardo Martinelli passed law 75 of October 21, 2013, which dictates the general state budget for fiscal 2014. Law 75 approves the budget of $17.7 billion.

Institutional strength required for Panama to benefit from mining

The period of analysis and debate that opened up the dialogue table for Responsible Development of Mineral Resources began earlier this week. After several hours, representatives of all sectors of the country that make up the table set the following themes: social, environmental and economic, where a consensus was reached on the appropriate use of foreign exchange generated by mining for the State. At the table, they also addressed the question of salaries of employees of mining companies and established an institutional axis which highlighted the need to promote the strengthening of the institutions that run the activity.

Warm invitation for Interpol

President Ricardo Martinelli offered the country as base for the regional office of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol). Martinelli said the initiative came from a meeting last Thursday with the international director of Interpol, Mireille Ballestrazzi, at the Presidential Palace. The president and Ballestrazzi talked “about the efforts of Panama in the fight against drugs and international crime, work that was recognized by the security agency,” said an official source according to the daily Panamá América.


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