Some 48 “Gringos” begin nationalization process with “melting pot” visa

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Citizens of the United States accounted for less than 5% of the over 11,000 people who began their nationalization process in Panama’s “melting pot” visa program for illegal residents who have been in the country for one year. A total of 48 “Gringos” went to the Roberto Duran Arena in eastern Panama City between September 25 and October 11 for the immigration opportunity. Spaniards accounted for 40 of the persons present. No other Europeans were reported.

The majority of those who solicited legal status were from Colombia (nearly 5,500) and other South American countries.

Cost to compete the process ranges from $767 to $2,602, and work permits cost an additional $500. Pre-registration is available in the future for these periodic immigration regularizations by visiting


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