New international airport for the Pacific beaches

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Pag 14 aeropuerto_optThe Scarlett Martinez International Airport was inaugurated yesterday, Wednesday November 13, in Rio Hato, Coclé province. The work that was performed mainly consisted of runway rehabilitation and construction of the Inter-American highway tunnel under the airport. The work has a cost of $53 million. The airport at Rio Hato becomes the third airport of the Republic expanded after the Marcos Gelabert Airport in Albrook. It is expected that over the next months, charter flights from North America will land there. This terminal is the closest one to the Pacific beaches and their luxurious resorts. The Panamanian government has invested more than $200 million in restructuring and modernization the airport sector in the country.


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  1. Jack said:

    Will Copa fly directly from Boston, MA, USA to Rio Hato?

  2. Joan Taaffe said:

    Is there any news as to when the Rio Hato airport will start being used?

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