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“My last experience in Panama was the sweetest”

Dear Editor,

Finalizing my vacation in Panama, I was carrying on to another destination in Latin America. I had enjoyed the hospitality of the people in your country that I encountered visiting Boquete, Bocas del Toro and the San Blas Islands. To get to the airport, I took one of the new Metro buses. People were very friendly informing me how to buy a bus card at the Cinco de Mayo bus station and to be sure to take the “Tocumen Corredor Sur” bus to be dropped off at the airport. It costs $2 for the card and a one-time charge of $1.25, a price that certainly beats paying a taxi to the airport, especially when traveling on a budget.

When I stepped down from the bus, people began shouting. When I turned around, at least five people were waving at me. Imagine my surprise upon seeing my wallet in one of their hands. It had fallen out of my pocket onto the seat and one of the passengers was alert and kind in returning it to me. Being able to count on the goodness of people has made my last experience in Panama the sweetest.


On the road


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