Thanksgiving alive and well

Panama, the Latin American nation with the most North American influence of all

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Canadians and U.S. citizens and residents thinking of relocating to a Latin American country need to look no further than Panama. Assimilating North American culture to a new country is easier here.

One reason is that Canadians and the U.S. celebrate a unique holiday called Thanksgiving which was a celebration of the first harvest amongst original colonists and native Indians. No other country in Latin America offers traditional foods associated with this holiday. That’s because of the U.S. influence on Panama from 1903 until the end of 1999 when the U.S. turned over control of the Panama Canal to the Panama government and abandoned their military bases. During that time, U.S. troops and citizens living in the Panama Canal Zone celebrated Thanksgiving every year.

Panama restaurants were so accustomed to serving traditional Thanksgiving foods for lunch and dinner that even today many still offer one on Thanksgiving. Panama’s supermarkets regularly carry frozen turkeys along with canned cranberries and pumpkins with spices for cooking a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Canadians have their Thanksgiving around six weeks before the U.S. and can also enjoy these essential ingredients at that time.

A second reason is that during October many Panama stores sell Halloween costumes and candies while bars and restaurants offer Halloween specials which are enjoyed by many from the U.S. although trick or treating from house to house has not been a custom here.

A third reason is that Christmas is a big holiday in Panama. Fresh Christmas pine trees are available for sale. Christmas candies, present wrappings, cards, and special gifts become available in Panama as early as September. There are even candle light, jingle bell, sing along events around Panama City just before the holiday.

Besides traditions, Panama offers English spoken premier movies with Spanish subtitles in their theatres. The U.S. Dollar is the standard currency in Panama. American foods can be found in all of the supermarkets ranging from fresh fruits, produce, cereals, frozen meats and fish, condiments, jams, and even peanut butter. Panama has more English speaking persons per capita than any of its Central American neighbors and most South American countries.

In addition, Panama offers the easiest immigration permanent residency visas for Canadians and U.S. citizens than all of Latin America including work permits.

Lastly, the cost of living is much cheaper here than in the Northern Hemisphere making it easier to live comfortably on a pension or a tight budget.

Before relocating consult with an English speaking Panama law firm knowledgeable with all the laws associated with relocation.


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