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PUREZA NATURAL_optPureza Natural

Fri, Nov 29

Pureza Natural takes the stage at Mi Pueblito for a night of reggae roots. Limited $10 presale tickets available at all Super Deportes, Mormaii Store and Core Surf & Skate Store in Albrook Mall. $15 at box office. Show starts at 10 p.m.

Don Juan Coronel

Saturday, November 30

Colon, Paseo Gorgas,

Barrio Norte

Homage to Colón legend Juan Coronel by fellow artistes Joe Clark, Santiago Garibaldi, Jaime Ellis, Ismaelito Cardenas, Daniel Bulgin and Caro Martinez; music by Alejandro Duncan and Dj Wasabanga, reservation to 6702-6316.


Pixbae Rockfest

Sun, Dec 1

Incubus, Llevarte a Marte, Solo Sánchez, Cienfue, Carlos Méndez take the stage at Figali Plaza – 6 p.m. Tickets $75 and $130 + Fees at


Doug Thompson As

Elvis Presley

Sun, Dec. 1

Direct from Las Vegas, an authorized Elvis Presley tribute will be held at Villa Agustina starting at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10 and are available at Volumen Brutal (399-4135), Radio 10, and Casa Nuratti.


Guillermo-Davila_optGuillermo Dávila

Fri, Dec 6

The Venezuelan soap star and pop idol Guillermo Dávila returns to Panama in concert at the Ateneo in Clayton’s City of Knowledge at 8 p.m. Tickets available at Volumen Brutal in Multicentro Mall and online at Info: 6581-7463.



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  1. Alan said:

    Hello, Jane!I came across your leolvy blog several nights ago and stayed up until the wee hour, reading and smiling. I am so very glad that you and your family are enjoying life in Panama! I moved there with my parents in 1948. We lived on a sugar plantation in the Interior, near Aguadulce, until 1953, when my parents moved to Santa Clara. I loved growing up in the Interior. Married, we lived in Colon, then in Panama City, then back in Colon. My two older children were born at the Clinica San Fernando. We moved away in 1964 and stopped by to see my parents in 1968, the last time I was there. The photos I see of Panama City are not of the Panama I knew and loved. I hope that the Interior has not changed so dramatically! I prefer my memories of the country I loved so much the people, the places, the animals and plants, the food, the music I do hope that you and your family will continue to enjoy living in Panama. I’m sure that you, too, will carry many memories of your life there with you. Thanks so much for sharing!

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