Costume and play at BakkuFest

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Imitating their favorite characters

Creative Cosplay costumes from the first BakkuFest.

Creative Cosplay costumes from the first BakkuFest.

There are those among us who feel an urge to dress up as video game characters and play out their roles. This has developed into a cult known as Cosplay (derived from ´´costume´´ and ´´play´´).

The opportunity to witness and participate in this phenomenon comes to Panama on Saturday, December 21 when top exponents will come together during BakkuFest2, a fun and action-packed event starting at 1 p.m. in the Oxford School gymnasium on the Transístmica Highway.

Cosplayers share an intense desire to imitate anime, manga, video game and comic book characters by donning costumes. Workshops in costume-making will be held.

One of the judges of Bakku Fest’s Cosplay Tournament is herself the recent winner of The International Cosplay Monarch title awarded in the Kiken-Sei Fest held last month in Venezuela. Her name is Paola Luccia Quiros Esposito but is more popularly known by her cosplay alias Sailor Pau. She enjoys a devoted following on her facebook fan page ( and has established herself as the first cosplayer to bring a trophy to Panama.

Adding to the festivities at Bakku Fest will be a Pokemon XY Tournament for gamers. Asian music and Tokusastsu (Special Effects movies) will round out the parade of Far East pop culture. Entry to the event costs $4.


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