Fernanda Cirici gallery debuts with international group show

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A spectacular new art space, the Fernanda Cirici Gallery, opened last week in Costa del Este. Its first show is entitled ´´Latitudes´´ and features a wide range of Ibero- American visual artists in the fields of painting and sculpture.

The new artsy place in Panama, Fernanda Cirici.

The new artsy place in Panama, Fernanda Cirici.

The gallery hosted a spectacular opening night filled with live musical accompaniment and elegant catering. The impressive collection highlighted various styles across the mediums of acrylic, oils, watercolors, and sculpture.

Setting the tone for the show were the abstract acrylics on wood by Mexican artist Leonardo Nierman ($8500 each). They held the focus of the room with their velvety palette of muted colors and bold whites, providing a modern, fresh feel. He also presented a set of small sculptures in stainless steel, a craft which he has become renowned for. Their flowing chrome lines seamlessly segued into those of the watercolors by Guatemalan painter Julio Ajín ($1900 each). These black and white pictorials of tropical foliage in close-up were enlivened with tiny swaths of a smart color.

The theme of nature was followed by works from Spanish painter Paloma Ripollés, daughter of famed sculptor and painter Juan García Ripollés. Her Impressionist-style oils ($2800 each) portrayed the beauty of plants with fanciful interplay of color and deliberate use of brushstroke.

The faded butterflies imaged by Argentinian Maria Laura Ressa in watercolor ($450), with their ephemeral, soft quality, were a quiet success. They contrasted wonderfully with Guatemala’s Rosa Maria Pascual’s acrylics ($4300), a whimsical explosion of exotic edibles.

Panama was featured in the mix as well, with representation from local favorite Blas Petit as well as Brian Vergara, Irene Chamorro, Daniela Arteaga, Heriberto Valdez, Martha Corro and Loyda Jiron.

A wide swath of Latin American artists rounded out the remaining gallery displays. There were works of Venezuelans Susy Guillén and Alejandro Feo. Rodrigo López ‘Rolo’ contributed from El Salvador and Mexico was represented by Benito Molinari and Consuelo Pillot.

Pillot, the Cirici Gallery director, was happy to show off the entire collection to the elegant crowd. Gallery owner and Guatemala native, Fernanda Cirici, also exhibited. Her small grouping of acrylics ($500 – $700) demonstrated her skills with their expressive use of color, abstract expressionistic sensibility and playful brushstrokes.

After such a well-received debut, Cirici Gallery is now looking out to the future with plans to open the gallery space to art education for children. A series of summer (dry season) classes will be announced in the coming months for young ones ages 4 to 13.


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