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Jacob Ehrler, editor of The Visitor  dies, age 33, in tragic accident

Jacob Michael Erhler.

Jacob Michael Erhler.

It is with profound sadness and regret that we record the death of Jacob Michael Ehrler, editor of The Visitor newspaper for the past six years. He fell from the balcony of a 30 story apartment in Paitilla, Panama City during a Thanksgiving dinner celebration with friends on Thursday, November 28. He was 33 years of age.

He was a native of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. where he obtained a degree in social anthropology and languages from Edmonds College.  His first job was in San Jose, Costa Rica where he spent four years with a web-based company as a financial analyst and campaign manager dealing with mass print and email marketing.

He then spent a year in Miami Beach in event planning and nightlife coordination at a well known restaurant and nightclub before moving to New York as a real estate broker with Corcoran Group.

On assigment at Tocumen airport.

On assigment at Tocumen airport.

Panama was a popular destination for Jacob during his Costa Rica years, especially for Carnival and so he was first in line after the post of editor of The Visitor was advertised on Craig’s List.

When he joined the staff of Focus Publishing Group in 2007 he had no journalistic experience but learned rapidly while developing his writing skills. His gregarious personality quickly made him popular with Panamanians and expats and his creativity and social contacts became assets for his work.

For some months up to the time of his death he was working with tremendous enthusiasm on the development of a new publication — a fashion and shopping magazine called ‘Posh’ to be inserted In The Visitor. He and his team were well advanced with the project. He had ambitions to work in television, was an excellent master of ceremonies and at one time had his own radio show on KYS station called “Traffic Jam” with Ursula Kiener Ford.  He was an active member of the Ancon Theatre Guild.

Jacob discusses the news paper at a trade fair.

Jacob discusses the news paper at a trade fair.

Jacob is survived by his mother, Lynell Helen Watt, his father, Gerald Murray Ehrler and  brother, Brian.

Jacob will be greatly missed by his colleagues and his wide circle of friends and acquaintances.


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