The Lost Book Club

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A book is left for a stranger to find.

A book is left for a stranger to find.

An unusual, worldwide event promoting the sharing of books will take place this Saturday, December 21. It is called the Lost Book Club, a call to action popularized through Facebook and Twitter.

As explained by Panamanian author, Eduardo Lince Fábrega, December 21 is the online group’s next book ´´seeding.´´ On this day, anyone with a book they wish to share is encouraged to place it in a location in which it may get picked up by a person who may like to read it. It is suggested the book be dedicated with an explanation that states that whosoever should find the book and who desires to read it can consider themselves the new owner. The sole condition is that after having read it, the book be relinquished in the same manner in which it was found.

The Lost Book Club was started by the Argentinean writer Facundo Bonomi in 2012 as a way to promote the reading of Spanish language novels. His orchestrated, massive book seedings, coordinated through the use of social networking websites, has enjoyed viral popularity. This book sharing movement has gained a large number of followers spread out over many languages and living across the globe. As organized by Bonomi, the December 21 event is one of a series of four during the year when these coordinated book releases take place.

Participants are encouraged to take videos of themselves planting their books and then uploading their clips to the Club’s Facebook Event Page, the tool that has catapulted his quirky idea into a huge event.

In Panama, Facundo Bonomi’s cause has been taken up by Eduardo Lince Fábrega, author of the Antón Trilogy, a fantasy series out on Piggy Press available in local bookstores and online retailers. Further information on the Lost Book Club can be found through the group’s Twitter account by contacting @ClubdeLibros.


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