Famous Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe for Chinese New Year

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The Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe from China is coming to Panama to be part of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year on Friday, January 31 at the Figali Convention Center from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the entrance is free. After the performance, there will be a 30 minutes fireworks extravaganza.

visitor20-3_Page_11_Image_0002Founded in 1959, the Troupe has upheld the tradition of Chinese acrobatics and at the same time developed a hallmark style by assimilating modern dance, artistic gymnastics and drama into their acts.

The Troupe is a dynamic, modern acrobatics company of considerable scale. Over the years, they have won more than 80 national and international awards and have toured all over the world.

The event, organized by the Chinese Entrepreneurs of Panama General Foundation, seeks to offer a first class cultural spectacle to the Panamanian and Chinese community to celebrate the Year of the Horse, which promises 12 months of imagination, dreams, triumph and victories.


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