Helping Panama’s poor: the Panama Christian Foundation

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A private, independent foundation operating in Panama for less than a year, the Panama Christian Foundation (PCF), has had a tremendous impact in the communities it is working with. Some of the foundation’s many projects include homes for abandoned or orphaned boys, medical outreach for the sick and elderly, job training and employment assistance for the underprivileged, and a sports outreach program for hundreds of rural children with award winning soccer and little league baseball teams.

Panamá Christian Foundation’s award winning soccer team.

Panamá Christian Foundation’s award winning soccer team.

PCF works with the medical team at the Global Brigades Association ( to help identify areas to bring the “portable clinic” to the needy. With the help of PCF in some cases, Global Brigades provides free medical assistance in rural communities to people living in poverty who would not normally have access to these services. One such case which PCF managed on its own, involved Josephina, a 107 year old woman with a cancerous growth requiring surgery. As she lived in the mountains and lacked money for treatment, the foundation was able to provide her with transportation to Panama City to see a doctor where the growth was successfully removed. All of this was provided free of charge to the woman.

The PCF provides education resources such as internet and classroom schooling to the children under the foundation’s care. For adults, a job training and employment assistance program is underway to help those seeking work.

In the community of Bejuco in Coronado, the PCF sponsors various sports teams and age levels for players 23 years of age and under. Most notably, the “Deportivo Bejuco” young adult soccer team is the current league champion in the Division III Western Panama League.

The popularity of their sports initiatives has inspired the foundation to sponsor another team in Vacamonte and is looking at other districts.

As an independent organization, the Panama Christian Foundation has been self-funded but to grow will run on donations from private sources. They invite anyone wishing to learn more about their programs and who would like to donate their time and resources to visit their website at to see how they can get involved. PCF can also be reached by emailing


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