Mark your calendar for the famous Boquete’s Flower and Coffee Fair

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Boquete 3_optBoquete’s Flower and Coffee Fair is the first of a long list of fairs throughout the year in Panama. Boquete is a mountain town in the Province of Chiriqui, five and a half hours away in car from Panama City or a forty five minute flight with Air Panama.

For many, this is the best fair because of the cool climate that Boquete offers visitors. It is important to reserve lodging accommodations in advance because of the popularity of the fair.

The fair showcases the great variety of flowers that grow in this area in the fertile volcanic soil. Boquete is known as the “Napa Valley of Coffee” so it only makes sense the fair celebrates the coffee grown in the area. Those who visit the fair will have the opportunity to buy specialty coffee at bargain prices that is not available commercially in Panama.

Boquete 1_optPlants, crafts, preserves, foods, and random goods are also on sale at the fair. Little ones will enjoy the amusement park area filled with rides and games. Ballet, typical dances and singers will perform on the event’s stage. For those who want some serious partying La Cabaña discotheque and the mobile structures of Pub Herrerano and X Zone are the places to go.

The 2014 Flower and Coffee Fair will be held January 9-19. The fair is located in the main town of Boquete, across the “Cafe Duran” bridge in front of Boquete Community Players Theater. Entrance fee is $1.75 for adults and children enter free.


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