Tanara, the most import fair of the Eastern region

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The “Agricultural, Artisan and Folklore Encounter of the Eastern Sector” –formerly known as the “Tanara Fair of Chepo”– celebrates its 35th year anniversary from Thursday, January 16 through Sunday, January 19 with the number of visitors to the event expected to reach 60 thousand people.

An exciting "coleo" exhibition in Tanara.

An exciting “coleo” exhibition in Tanara.

The Tanara Fair is considered to be the most important fair-style event in the region of Panama and Darien. This year, people can expect a grandiose agro-expo including lasso competitions, livestock presentations, milking competitions and equestrian displays. Also to be featured are an ornamental plant market, displays of agricultural machinery and a Panamanian crafts sale. Food vendors selling typical Panamanian dishes will also be found in good measure.

The four days of celebration get started on Thursday with the coronation of the fair´s queen, Ms. Estefany Pinzón González. The following days will be filled with folkloric presentations from Panamanian “típico” artists. The popular “cantadera” will take place on Friday and Saturday. In these lively, competitive singing displays, the participants ad-lib verses to the sound of the Panamanian “mejorana” guitar. Singers are judged by the originality of their verses and rhyme schemes as they boast about themselves and insult their rivals. On Saturday, the famous accordionist and composer Dorindo Cárdenas performs.

The fair is located in the sector of El Naranjal, next to the Tanara Farm, an hour from the center of Panama City. Bus service to the event is available from Chepo or Cañitas de Chepo which stops directly in front of the fairgrounds located to the side of the Inter American Highway. Visitors to the fair are asked to don boots and “sombrero” hats to be in tune with the folkloric and equestrian mode of the event. For more information write to



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  1. Adhitia Pramadhita said:

    Hi there,
    nice article, interesting exhibition,

    I am wondering, what’s the meaning of “Tanara” ?

    • R. Guillen said:

      Thanks for your inquiry, below is an extract from this page in Spanish: Tanara Fair, that briefly explains the name of this fair.

      On January 12, 1978 began the Tanara Fair of Chepo. It takes place every year in mid-January in the plains near district of Chepo, on the farm known as Tanara. Its name has a curious history, as it comes from the names of two farms, Tapagra and El Naranjal, which appear in the historical records from 1609. From the combination of both names resulted the name of Tanara, as it is known for some time.

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