Two chefs from New Delhi perform their magic

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Indian Food Festival at the Miramar Hotel

Indian cuisine is varied in texture, visual appeal, and flavor.

Indian cuisine is varied in texture, visual appeal, and flavor.

A unique, culinary event is taking place at the InterContinental Miramar Hotel on Avenida Balboa. Two chefs from the Ashok Hotel in New Delhi, Kirti Rastogi and Suresh Chandra, will be preparing exquisite dishes to delight the palates of Panamanians. The Indian Food Festival, arriving courtesy of the Indian Embassy, takes place daily from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the elegant setting of the hotel’s Bay View restaurant and will last until Saturday, February 1.

While people of Indian descent have long been a part of the Caribbean identity, Indian cuisine is not as well known in Panama as it is elsewhere. This gastronomic event intends to give Indian flavors, enjoyed the world over, a local platform to gain new fans while pleasing connoisseurs.

Known for its heavy use of spices blended into rich masalas or mixtures of flavors, Indian food is as varied as it is exotic. The fare changes from region to region, with many differences in textures and spices. Vegetarianism is common, stemming from religious belief and practice. A historical influence is present in the cuisine as well, with dishes

Onion Bhadji.

Onion Bhadji.

reflecting the spice trade between Asia and Europe, foreign invasions, and colonialism. In modern times, Indian cuisine has made its way around the world, conquering England, and spreading all the way from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean and the United States.

An in-depth study of Indian food would take a lifetime. To get started in Panama, a visit to the Bay View holds your passport to flavor. The Indian buffet-style dinner costs $32 per person. For reservations call 214-1000 ext. 6073.


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