Novel sets Canal as terror target

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“An Orphan’s Curse,” a novel set in Panama, is David Walker’s debut novel, a story about international intrigue and terrorism. First published as an e-book, it has proved so popular that a paperback version has just been released and it will be the first of a trilogy.

David Walker, author of the novel, “An Orphan’s Curse.”

David Walker, author of the novel, “An Orphan’s Curse.”

David Walker is a US Navy-retired Lieutenant Colonel, now living in Panama, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Auburn University. In “An Orphan’s Curse,” Walker paints a vision of intelligence special agents squaring off against a jihadist known as “The Orphan,” a terrorist whose grand design is conducting a nuclear attack on the Panama Canal.

A helicopter pilot with decades of experience who served around the world in various capacities including the United Nations, this first-time author says he is donating a portion of his sales to charity which feels like the right way to give something back.

“I donate a percentage of my work to the Fisher House and the Oliver North Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund,” said Walker. With his many years of military service, it is little surprise David would be dedicated to Veterans’ causes. Fans of espionage fiction will appreciate the authenticity Walker’s first-hand experience grants his writing.

The first installment of the trilogy “The Orphan’s Portfolio,” the novel saw publication due to a chance meeting on a locally filmed, Hollywood production.

“I met my editor, Duncan Naylor, when I was doing work in the Duran movie that was shooting last year,” shared Walker, referring to the “Hands of Stone” biopic that wrapped work in December which stars Robert de Niro, Ruben Blades, Edgar Ramirez and Usher Raymond.

While working as background players in the movie, Naylor encouraged David to get “An Orphan’s Curse” published and soon found himself contributing as the editor. Naylor is also an American expatriate living in Panama who founded the online English as a Second Language Institute “Inglés Para Empresas” before his move here from New York City.

They enjoyed working together so much they decided to continue collaborating on future books, including the remainder of the trilogy.

A Spanish translation is in the works as well as plans for a local, book-signing tour.

A spy novel with a Panamanian twist, “An Orphan’s Curse” is available as an e-book for $4.99 and as a paperback for $9.57 (plus shipping) by visiting


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