Retz is aiming for the stars

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Paul, Gian Franco, David, Christian, Cristian and Romulo of RETZ.

Paul, Gian Franco, David, Christian, Cristian and Romulo of RETZ.

The Panamanian pop sensation, Retz, will release their much-anticipated first single, “Stay,” at Zen Club this Saturday, February 8.   Presale tickets are on sale for $10 at the offices of Panama Talents and at Zen Club.

The current band members are Paul Steenhuisen on vocals, David Yarmagomedov on drums, Romulo Castro on rhythm guitar, Christian Varela on rhythm guitar, Gian Franco Julian on bass guitar and Cristian Tello on lead guitar.

Originally formed on July 6, 2013, they played their first show for 2000 screaming girls six days later. Retz has enjoyed instant success since then. “Every week they play shows,” says Cubilla. “Sometimes three shows in a week.” Bookings have ranged from private parties, The Hard Rock Hotel Halloween party, and the Buenaventura Resort. “We are about to confirm a new booking at a 5 star hotel where the band will play every Thursday. This new home will allow them to gain more fans.”

Their name came from a slangy way of saying “retro,” which is fitting, as Retz is known for their arrangements of popular, classic rock and roll music. That sound, along with their clean-cut, retro look, has garnered them the nickname “the Panamanian Beatles.” It is an honor that the boys, who count the Beatles as a huge musical inspiration, are appreciative of.

Though largely a classic rock cover-band, their renditions of contemporary pops hits such as Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and Alicia Keyes “No One,” in Retz’s 50s rock & roll style, have become popular hits at their live shows.

As of October of last year, the Retz boys began composing songs of their own. The team around the band is currently working to decide which of the three original songs will be the first single to be released. The songs are being mastered in California.

The boys appear to take their fame in stride. “What really surprises them is the amount of followers they have,” says Cubilla, referring to the social networks the band maintains. They enjoy 2000 followers on the Retz fanpage (, have gained almost 4,000 followers on Twitter in the 6 months (@SomosRetz) and are almost the top Panamanian band on Instagram with their 2200 followers (

For private bookings, Retz can be reached through Raúl Cubilla, their manager at Panama Talents, by writing


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