Mayor sells island he doesn’t own

The mayor of Taboga, the resort island opposite Panama City, sold a nearby island to a real estate broker without having title or possession rights. Now the deal, which included the Island of Tortolita, part of the island of Tortola and 18.8 hectares of wooded land on Taboga itself, has been disputed by the Panama Canal Authority who claim that part of the areas sold are “an inalienable part of the Panama Canal Area.”

The Authority described the sale as illegal and unconstitutional and requested a meeting with the National Land Authority to review the process.

Land on the island of Tortolita was sold directly by the Municipality of Taboga to Ernesto Bósquez Ditrani. The agreement was signed†by the mayor of Taboga, José Chirú, and Azael Ortiz, president of the Municipal Council.


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