The Romance of Insect Life

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Art exhibition in Boquete pays homage to lowly bugs

"Chalcosomo Atlas" by artist Dianne Heidke.

“Chalcosomo Atlas” by artist Dianne Heidke.

Visitors to Boquete should not miss an unusual art exhibition which opened at the Boquete Library on Friday March 7 and runs until April 7. It features a series of screen paintings by Dianne Heidke, entitled”Coleoptera – The Romance of Insect Life”.

Some years ago the Museum of Natural History in New York, USA , did a show featuring the Victorian obsession with collection and taxonomy. It invited artists living in NYC at the time to come up with their take on this rather singular and fascinating activity. Heidke’s work was chosen for exhibit and received widespread acclaim. These large, complex paintings have been seen in various exhibits, since that time, but have been hidden away for the past decade. Now, for the first time in Central America, they are coming out of hibernation.

Dianne Heidke

(Auto) Bio of a Shameless Adventurer!

Dianne Heidke.

Dianne Heidke.

Born on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Dianne Heidke spent her early years in Asia (Malaysia and Singapore). Back in Australia, she won an art prize in Grade 12 and decided to attend art school. Her parents snorted and said “Artists don’t make any money!”(If only she’d listened!!) She then entered Law School but also kept painting. After a short sojourn in New Zealand, Ms Heidke returned to Australia and commenced life as an attorney, but really couldn’t stand it. She quit and went to Africa where she painted murals on mud huts and bars in the Congo Republic and wandered lost for months through the South Kordafan Deserts of Sudan.

Eventually she found her way to Europe and subsequently to the USA. She won a scholarship to attend The Art Student’s League of New York and there painted furiously and happily. At the same time, she worked again for ferocious corporate attorneys in NY, famously representing the Kit Kat Club. (Now THAT was interesting). Wading further into the art world, she designed sets for various odd films and theater pieces, both in the USA and the UK. In the late 90’s she obtained a pilot’s license and became the first pilot with multi -colored hair on Long Island. She was then banished for bad behaviour to Italy and studied Italian at The University per Stranieri in Perugia. Around this same time, she also explored India and Nepal, trekking the Annapurna Circuit with her aging mother.

In 2005, feeling that NY was too confining, Dianne moved to Panama where she lives a quiet life, running several businesses, including The Zapadora, where she assumes her alter-ego as The Supreme Ruler.


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