Expo-Orchid Fair returns to Boquete

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visitor20-15_Página_30_Imagen_0008Panama’s yearly Orchid Festival is back. From Friday, April 11 to Sunday, April 20, in the town of Boquete, Chiriquí, hundreds of species of this botanical family will be on display, including many rare breeds. Reynaldo Serracín, president of the orchid expo, said that $30,000 has been invested to make the event a success and that it is expected to generate $100,000 in transactions for the town.

Boquete also plays host to an annual International Coffee and Flower Fair, the grounds of which will be the location of the Orchid Festival. The town’s cool, tropical climate makes it an ideal location for growing these cultivars and it zhas long been the center of orchid farming in the country. This year will be the festival’s 28th year of delighting and educating the public about this favorite of flowers. For details on the event, including directions to the fair, please visit www.feriadeboquete.com.


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