Orchids, roses and cacti at the Chicá Flower Fair

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A magnificent orchid.

A magnificent orchid.

There is a little known flower fair being held in a town located at the end of Campana called Chicá, where ornamental plants and medicinal herbs can be bought at a fraction of the price that you find at the local nurseries. The event starts Friday, April 25 and lasts through Sunday, April 27. The doors open at 10:00 a.m. A host of local growers will be showing their horticultural wares in the area next to the Chicá school, in the heart of the town center.

Orchid collectors will find beautiful specimens of the Panamanian national flower, the “Holy Spirit Orchid,” in different colors. There will even be trees available which are not native to the country such as cherry and peach that can only grow in temperate climates.

Chicá Flower Fair.

Chicá Flower Fair.

he impressive cacti selection will range from the common aloe and agave to the more exotic lophocereus. Those looking for roses will not be disappointed. Vendors have miniature varieties and even tea roses.

Campana is located an hour away from Panama City following the Interamerican Highway. The drive to Chicá is spectacular, with views of Punta Chame and Coronado’s tall buildings. The climate is cool, similar to the one found in the mountain town of Boquete, located in the western province of Chiriquí.

For more information about the fair, visit their facebook page www.facebook.com/ChicaChamePanama.


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