La Péri, a story of tragedy and love

El príncipe Aly rodeado de sus princesas en "La Péri".

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A new production from the National Ballet

The National Ballet will present “La Péri,” which has been choreographed by the renowned Croatian dancer and artistic director, Jelko Yuresha, at the National Theater from Monday, May 13 to Saturday, May 17.

A dancer rehearses her movements for “La Péri”

A dancer rehearses her movements.

More than 100 dancers from the National Ballet and pupils from other dance academies of the country will bring to life the Kingdom of Dreams, the place between heaven and earth where the story takes place.

“La Péri” was created in 1843 by the German composer, Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller. When Yuresha created his version he was inspired by the psychological background of the original story, throwing aside the subject matter he deemed superficial.

Prince Aly surrounded by his princesses in "La Péri".

Prince Aly surrounded by his princesses.

Yuresha’s version takes place in a magical garden where even the most fantastic dreams become a reality. In this Kingdom of Dreams lives Prince Aly, seeker of an ideal love and whose enchanted spirit yearns for the warmth of human emotion.

Prince Aly is adored by many princesses, including Alya and Zita; however he is unhappy because he cannot find his ideal love. He dreams about “La Péri” who sees him and immediately falls in love.

Upon discovering this, Princess Zita becomes jealous. Her quest to awaken the affection of the prince ends in tragedy when, in a fit of revenge after being rejected, she stabs Alya, killing her.

La Péri, still in love with the prince, brings Alya back to life to be forever with him. The jealous Zita is expelled from the kingdom and everybody celebrates the triumph of ideal love.

The ballet was presented in Panama for the first time in 1996. Now, 18 years later, it is back at the National Theater. Tickets for the ballet cost $15 and can be acquired at Metro Pharmacies and Ticket Plus.


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