Luis Romero’s universe

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“Hipernova” is the latest in the artistic trajectory from Luis Romero (Caracas, 1967). His most recent body of work represents a renewal of many of the concerns present throughout his career. Luis Romero’s work is associated with the continual movement of his current environment, where understanding is like a cyclical coming and going without guidelines or schedules, about topics, strategies and motives which, when looked at from a distance, reveal constellations on which his repertoire of images and artistic experiences is based.

Luis Romero’s latest work entitled "Hipernova"Through his career, Romero has used a variety of plastic languages that includes mediums such as painting, drawing, graphic design, collage, photography, video, installations and objects, all of which he uses to construct a personal imaginarium that he uses as a source for illustrated images, photographic reproductions, signs and symbols derived from an encyclopedic culture. His recurrent subjects are life and death, geopolitics and cartography, nature and landscape, urban environment, language and its typographic expression, as well as shapes, icons and “universal” codes.

An exhibition of his work can be seen at Diablo Rosso, from Thurday, May 29. For more information call 262-1957.


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