Panama Diamond Exchange has a website

Maqueta del Centro Panama Gem & Jewelry

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The Panama Diamond Exchange (PDE) has launched its official website, located on the web at Operating in English, Spanish and Portuguese, it is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for members of the diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry industries looking for information about PDE, the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center and the gemstone and jewelry sectors in Panama and Latin America.

Architectural depiction of the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center

Architectural depiction of the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center.

The new website features four primary sections, respectively providing information about:

  • The Panama Diamond Exchange, Latin America’s first and only diamond bourse;
  • The Panama Gem & Jewelry Center, which is currently under construction and when its first phase opens later this year will be the only dedicated diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry center in a region that includes South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean;
  • The Republic of Panama, with a special emphasis on its economy and the procedures required for setting up a business in the Free Zone associated with PDE and the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center; and
  • The fast-growing luxury and jewelry markets of Latin America.

Also featured on the website are a news and events section that provides up-to-date information about PDE and the Panamanian trading center and a press section that provides background information, downloadable high-resolution photographs and video material for the use by the professional media.

The new PDE website allows users to choose language settings and can be viewed on a standard computer, tablet computer and smart phone. Together with the inauguration of its new website, PDE has released a six-minute video clip, showing scenes from the launch last month of the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center in Panama City, including footage of the first Latin America Diamond & Jewelry Summit.


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