Biomuseum helps kids understand their country

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An exhibit of prehistoric animals at the Biomuseum.

An exhibit of prehistoric animals at the Biomuseum.

The School Program of the Frank Gehry Biomuseum is planning to initiate a new museum-school relationship to help students obtain a better understanding of Panama’s biodiversity through a series of exhibits and interactive workshops.

The first to take advantage of the facilities were the 25 students from the El Cacao school in Capira, who together with their teacher, Dina Henriquez, took part in training workshops and made use of the educational material provided.

The museum and the exhibits are used as an educational tool at the service of whatever the teacher has planned for their students to learn, while the museum’s guides act as a liaison between the exhibit and what the educator is doing in class.

The Biomuseum’s educational program obtained an honorable mention in the IV Ibero-American Education and Museums Prize. This competition is organized by Ibermuseos, an intergovernmental organization supported by the Iberoamerican States Organization.

Parents, students and teachers who want to be part of this program should visit to learn more about this initiative.


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