Coclé, the destination that has it all

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The Anton Valley

The Anton Valley

The Coclé Tourism Cluster is a group of like-minded hospitality service providers that serves to promote tourism in the area. The cluster comprises hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, realtors and resorts. Members of the group recently organized an event at Hotel Coclé to launch their new marketing strategy and website, operating under the slogan “Coclé: So much, so close.”

The cluster was founded in May 2009 and enjoyed early support from the “Focus on Panama” tourist guide as well as The Visitor. With the newly refurbished Scarlett Martinez International Airport, in Rio Hato, positioned to bring international charter flights to the area, the cluster is driven to renew its marketing campaign, highlighting the provincial capital of Penonomé, the Pacific beaches along the coast and the mountain destinations of Campana, Chicá, Cerro La Vieja and El Valle de Antón.

In each of these regions, the province presents many attractions for visitors, including eco-tourism, adventure travel, agro-tourism and more. Towns like Natá and El Copé, archeaological sites like El Caño, the beach area of Farallón and more can be experienced here.

All of the information is online at where you will find deals on packaged tours and hotels and a host of images to get you inspired for your next trip to the interior.


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